Interactive Core Memory Badge (kit available soon)

The project build log for Core64 is on A video introduction is on my YouTube channel.

What do you think of these as baseline features that would be included?

  • 64 bits of authentic core memory (weave it yourself)

  • 64 RGB LEDs (Pimoroni Unicorn Hat)

  • 4 hall switches (user configurable)

  • Arduino compatible Teensy 3.2 (32-bit NXP Cortex-M4 72 MHz) with all IO accessible

  • Magnetic Stylus with narrow and wide field tips

  • 4x "AAA" battery pack holder

  • Battery Voltage Monitor

  • All of the matrix drive lines, the power rails, and the sense outputs will be easily accessible

What do you think of these plans to provide the following header rows/pads for additional expansion?

  • Generic I2C OLED

  • Generic SPI OLED or Sparkfun Teensy View SPI OLED

  • SAO Port, quantity 2

  • Adafruit MicroSD breakout board

  • Sparkfun QWIIC port

  • Ambient Light Sensor

  • Proximity Sensor

  • Sparkfun LiPo manager

  • Generic or Adafruit 3.2" LCD to replace LED Array

Do you have any other feedback or ideas? Please share them through the survey below.